1. Opening of the Session
  2. Adoption of the agenda
  3. National standardization:
    • Field collection and office treatment of names
    • Treatment of names in multilingual areas
    • Administrative structure of national names authorities
  1. Toponymic guidelines for map and other editors
  2. Toponymic data files and gazeteers:
    • Data collection procedures
    • Data elements required
    • Toponymic data transfer standards and formats
    • Automated data processing systems
    • National gazetteers
    • Other publications
  1. Terminology in the standardization of geographical names
  2. Writing systems
  3. Pronunciation of names
  4. Country names
  5. Exonyms
  6. Preparations for the representation of the Division at the 25th Session of the UNGEGN (May, 2009)
  7. Features beyond a single sovereignty
  8. Toponymic websites
  9. Co-operation with neighbourhood countries and international organisations
  10. Toponymic education
  11. Implementation of resolutions and the aims and functions of UNGEGN
  12. Other information
  13. Adoption of the Report of the 19th Session of the East Central and South-East Europe Division of UNGEGN
  14. Closing the Session